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Del Val Realty & Property Management started in 2006 to meet the needs of the individual homeowner and smaller real estate investors that were not being met by traditional property management companies or realtors. By giving these two groups access to quality property management at a reasonable price with performance guarantees allowed Del Val to grow quickly and become one of the largest property management firms in the Philadelphia area.

Our Team

Del Val is a Realtor member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) following the Code of Ethics and conducting our business in that manner. We are members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), 专门靠谱的足球外围竞猜网站推荐独户住宅和小公寓的专业组织. Del Val is also a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Our property managers, agents, and staff receive industry specific continuing education and market information.

Michel Lautensack » President, Principal Broker
bio image Mike
Michel Lautensack oversees all aspects of Del Val where he combines his business, 财务和市场营销技能,以帮助提供卓越的结果和发展公司. Mike is a licensed real estate agent and principal broker. He is also a member of the 全美住宅物业经理协会(NARPM),并享有盛誉 经房地产协会认证的住宅经理®(ARM®)称号 Management. Prior to starting Del Val, Mike worked in the corporate world serving as a turnaround consultant and financial manager in the healthcare industry. Schedule a meeting
Mary Ann Brennan » Director of Rental Services
bio image Mary Ann Brennan
Mary Ann Brennan is our Director of Rental Services. Working in the Real Estate Industry as a Sales Agent and in Property Management, 玛丽·安拥有丰富的知识和经验,这使她有能力支持我们公司的各个方面. She works hard to give everyone a personalized experience with Del Val. 玛丽·安和她的团队致力于每天尽最大的努力来确保您的体验, no matter what your relationship with Del Val, to be the utmost in customer satisfaction and trust.
Alan Silverman » Director of HOA Services
bio image Alan Silverman
As Director of HOA services at Del Val Realty & Property Management (Del Val), Alan has over 25 years of experience in real estate management, 包括靠谱的足球外围竞猜网站推荐大型公寓社区以及众多共管公寓协会. Mr. Silverman has overseen the HOA portfolio for Del Val for the last five years, managing the substantial growth of the division. Alan grew up locally and knows the area well. 他认为,为了成为一家成功的物业靠谱的足球外围竞猜网站推荐公司,他为Del Val带来了价值, you need to be consistent, reasonable and respectful to all tenants, owners, HOA Associations and their homeowners.
Jim McEachern » Maintenance Director
bio image Jim McEachern
As Del Val’s Maintenance Director吉姆负责监督和安排他的维修团队对我们租住的房子进行维修. Jim is a hands-on manager in that he visits each property personally. He also prepares quotes for repairs or rehabbing our properties. 他还与当地的乡镇和市政当局协调发放许可证和检查. 我们的业主都知道吉姆,因为他积极地与他们沟通他们的财产和什么是对他们最好的.
Terri Ulaner » Marketing Manager
bio image Terri Ulaner
As the Marketing Coordinator, I use my years of experience, creativity and organizational skills to develop and present our property ads to prospective tenants.  This includes writing and fine tuning the text and bullet points.  I also take great care in picking high impact photos that will help get a better response from potential tenants.   I also make certain all our ads have specific “Key Words” that will help our ads be identified in common searches and bring our ads to a larger audience.  Additionally, I assist the leasing team in doing their job of placing tenants and individuals in new homes, allowing Del Val to develop positive relationships with our tenants and owners!
Alin Bilc » Business Development Director
bio image Alin Bilc
Alin Bilc是我们的业务发展总监,他与正在考虑让Del Val靠谱的足球外围竞猜网站推荐其投资物业的业主合作. Alin also helps with training our new leasing agents. Alin has over 10 years of residential leasing & 物业靠谱的足球外围竞猜网站推荐经验丰富,曾从事过住宅物业靠谱的足球外围竞猜网站推荐业务的各个方面. He will become a real estate broker in the next few months. 作为对社区的贡献, 也是一位充满激情的排球运动员和教练. 他在特拉华县养家糊口,过去20年他一直住在那里.
Elisha Heebner » Assistant Director of Rental Services/Property Manager
bio image Elisha Heebner
在接触到家族企业后,以利沙意识到房地产是她的心所在. 从佛罗里达搬到宾夕法尼亚后,以利沙加入了Del Val物业靠谱的足球外围竞猜网站推荐公司. With several years in the insurance industry dedicated to commercial property, 一般责任和专门解决公司问题的专业知识和技巧, Elisha transferred that path to all things real estate. From experience as a homeowner to negotiator on complex short sales, relocation, REO's, to new construction & property management, Elisha is the source. Elisha takes her unique skill set, and over ten years of property management experience and makes them work for you. 她的目的是通过倾听帮助她的客户实现他们的目标和梦想, planning, and taking the action necessary to manage their home. Elisha specializes in property management as many homeowners today need a competent, caring person to handle these affairs for them. Professionally, it is her duty to provide services to her clients with integrity, competence, and confidentiality.
Michael Benedict » Property Manager
bio image Michael Benedict
Michael Benedict is one of our newest Property Managers here at Del Val Realty & 物业靠谱的足球外围竞猜网站推荐(Del Val) -他是一个完全持牌的房地产经纪人,在2015年获得了他的执照. Originally from the Main Line, Michael spent the last 8 years working in the Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties. He brings with him over 8 years of experience in the property management field; his experiences include renting properties, leasing, maintenance, licensing/inspections, 投资组合靠谱的足球外围竞猜网站推荐和超过5年的房主协会(HOA)靠谱的足球外围竞猜网站推荐. Michael努力利用他的经验为业主和租户提供他们所期望的最高形式的客户服务. 随着他不断磨砺自己的技艺并在行业中成长,他处理任何挑战的能力也在不断增强.
Harumi Russell » Property Manager
bio image Harumi Russell
Harumi Russell是一名敬业且经验丰富的专业人士,于2015年4月加入Del Val. She came to Del Val Realty & 具有丰富的物业靠谱的足球外围竞猜网站推荐经验,包括但不限于靠谱的足球外围竞猜网站推荐, contracts and lease work, accounts payable, scheduling, troubleshooting, work orders, identifying fraud, project and administrative work. 晴美是一个非常注重细节的团队成员,有很强的职业道德,每天提供最好的客户服务.
Priscilla Alden-Johnson » Property Manager
bio image Priscilla Alden-Johnson
From Bryn Mawr PA, Priscilla brings over 18 years of real estate experience. From residential sales to leasing, Priscilla has done it all. As a property manager, Priscilla展示了一个独特的视角,从她的销售方面,与业主和租户合作的能力. 普莉希拉最大的快乐是她的儿子杰弗里,他目前就读于德雷克塞尔大学物理专业.
Maureen Garchinsky » Property Manager
bio image Maureen Garchinsky
Maureen Garchinsky is a Property Manager at Del Val Realty & 物业靠谱的足球外围竞猜网站推荐HOA部门,在房地产领域拥有超过13年的物业靠谱的足球外围竞猜网站推荐经验,包括靠谱的足球外围竞猜网站推荐大型多户住宅公寓社区,以及遍布费城和周边县的众多业主和共管公寓协会.

Maureen在特拉华县当地长大,现在居住在切斯特县,那里是她的大部分投资组合的所在地. Maureen believes in order to be a successful property manager, you must be able to wear a variation of many hats, have financial stewardship, 同时还要有很强的领导能力,与董事会成员保持一致, residents, and vendor relations along with compassion for each individual.
Paul Joslin » Property Manager
bio image Paul Joslin
Paul Joslin is one of our dedicated HOA property managers. He currently manages 22 of our associations, 在九年的物业靠谱的足球外围竞猜网站推荐生涯中,他积累了丰富的物业靠谱的足球外围竞猜网站推荐技能. Paul自2018年春季以来一直在Del Val工作,并提供了他在协调/靠谱的足球外围竞猜网站推荐物业维护项目和改进方面的丰富经验,以及他出色的人际交往能力和解决问题的敏锐头脑. Paul’s confident experience, 冷静的举止和沟通能力使他所服务的社区的董事会和业主受益.
Pasquale Romanelli » Rental Collections
bio image Pasquale Romanelli
更广为人知的名字是帕特,一个骄傲的意大利裔美国人,专门为拖欠房租的租户收款. 帕特成年后的大部分时间都在中城费城杂志担任信贷经理. Moving to beautiful Chester County many years ago, 帕特进入商业地产行业,在布林莫尔的一家公司做了15年的应收账款经理,后来这家公司倒闭了. 帕特很喜欢他的工作,他和租客交谈,让他们的账户往来或付款计划.
Jeanne Jantzi » Front Desk Administrator
bio image Jeanne Jantzi
Jeanne has been with Del Val for 3 years. She answers phones and directs the calls to the property managers. Jeanne loves speaking to tenants, owners, and vendors. 在Del Val之前,Jeanne在食品行业做了20年的餐饮承办商. When she is not working , Jeanne takes care of her grandchildren.
Seema Raman » HOA Financial Manager
bio image Seema Raman
Seema brings four years experience in AP, AR. She holds a bachelor degree in Commerce and a Masters Degree in Finance. Seema handles the billing and receivables of the HOA department.