How to Turn Your House into a Rental Property Paradise

How to Turn Your House into a Rental Property Paradise

Renting out your home to guests is an awesome way to meet new people, 接待来自世界各地的游客, 增加你的收入. Whether you want to rent out your entire house or just a single room, this venture can be a great way to bring in some extra cash. You don’t need to live on a tropical island to 改造你的家 成为游客的天堂. If you happen to live in an area that’s popular with tourists, 你应该没有问题把你的房子租给那些寻找一个独特的和负担得起的地方住的人. It’s the best way to offer curious explorers a more personalized, local experience. 阅读下面的一些有用的建议,这样你就可以把你的家变成一个人们会喜欢的出租物业天堂.


你想让这个空间成为一个家外之家,这样客人就会有一个愉快的体验. 你的客人就会越开心, 他们就越有可能回来并把你的房子推荐给其他潜在的租房者. Consider this rental checklist to make your property warm and welcoming:

Walls: Paint your walls a nice neutral color such as creamy off-white or gray. 如果你想添加一个流行的颜色,选择一个特色墙和油漆大胆,明亮的色调. 中性的墙壁会让你的家感觉温暖,也会让你更容易根据需要更换衣服和家具.

家具:选择时尚的家具,但也要非常耐用和舒适. 购买高质量的沙发和床,选用实心硬木框架,而不是刨花板. Make sure your bed is large enough for your guests. Ideally, a queen or king-size bed is best for bedrooms. Re的地方 any old or worn-out furniture with something new.

卧室必需品:优质的主人应该总是为他们的客人提供干净的床上用品. 在迎接客人之前清洗所有的床单,并准备好额外的毛毯和几个枕头. Make sure the bedroom has ample window coverings like curtains or blinds, 所以你的客人有他们需要的隐私. 加一个床垫套来保护你的床,防止讨厌的臭虫进入家具.

浴室:确保所有浴室都清洁干净,并备有充足的厕纸. You can also give your guests small travel-sized shampoo, soaps, and conditioner. 每间浴室都备有新鲜食品, 清洁毛巾和毛巾, and make sure you have at least one of each towel for every visitor.

厨房:在你的厨房里储备干净的锅碗瓢盆,这样你的客人就可以自己做饭了. A coffee maker with fresh coffee, mugs, cream, and sugar is also a must for guests. 如果你选择, 你可以包括额外的“清洁费”,以防你的访客留下脏盘子和其他杂物.

Amenities: You don’t have to own a resort to offer great amenities to your guests. 在客厅里放上纸牌和棋盘游戏,并为客人提供免费的有线电视,让他们可以在大屏幕电视上观看. 在篮子里放一些零食也是一个简单、实惠、周到的选择.

干净的家 & 组织技巧

确保你的租赁地点总是 整洁、整洁、卫生. 遵循一个特定的时间表,包括在每次拜访之间擦洗厕所、淋浴和浴缸. You should also wash all towels and bedding after every guest leaves. 用吸尘器吸地毯,拖厨房和浴室的地板,擦桌子和台面. 整理你的出租房屋,增加一些储物家具,比如书架或储物凳. The key is to ensure that everything is clean, 整洁的, and tidy before you welcome your next renters to the home. If you’re busy, consider hiring a professional cleaning company to help. 这项服务是负担得起的, and it will help you make sure that your rental home is absolutely spotless.


It’s vital to understand all of the legalities involved in renting your home. Many of these laws depend on where you live, so always consult with your local jurisdiction before pursuing this endeavor. 并不是所有的房子都可以出租, 所以和你的国家核实一下, 城市, 或者找出需要什么. 您可能需要获得特别许可,以便合法地将您的房屋出租给访客. 如果你住在有屋主协会的社区, check with them before renting your home. Some HOA bylaws prohibit owners from renting their property to guests, and it could get you into hot water if you don’t comply.

 Most homeowner’s insurance plans don’t cover renters automatically, so you might need to purchase a rider or even a separate policy. 这将确保你免受责任的保护,对避免以后潜在的诉讼至关重要. Never rent your home to guests until you’re positive that you are fully covered. Any money you make from renting your home is considered income. 这可能会影响你的财产税,这也可能会影响你每月的抵押贷款金额. 在开始租房之前,向税务律师或会计师咨询一下租房的税务和抵押贷款问题.



  • Talk to a local representative to find out if you need permits, and whether or not you are legally allowed to rent your home.
  • 如果你住在有屋主协会的社区, 阅读你的章程,以确认你能够参加租赁或家庭共享.
  • Examine your homeowner’s insurance policy and make sure it covers renters. 如果不是, 询问一个补充计划,以确保你有适当的覆盖范围来保护你.
  • 拜访当地银行或咨询会计师,了解更多关于抵押贷款和税务责任的信息.
  •  Never book a guest until all of your legal, insurance and financial issues are up to date and enacted.


Renting is a smart investment that can give you a decent profit, so it’s crucial that you protect yourself from potential issues. 如果你觉得有必要, 为你的客人制定一些基本规则,这样他们就明白了界限,知道在紧急情况下如何保证安全. You can also consider adding a non-refundable deposit fee to your rental contract. 这将确保在有人决定取消的情况下,你至少能得到一些钱. Go over your insurance policy and find out if you should add extra coverage. 在发生严重紧急情况时,提高您的责任限额或增加您的财产置换金额, 比如一场意外的房屋火灾. 联系一个勤杂工 了解一下他们的服务,以防你的客人来访时什么东西坏了. 有一个勤杂工随时准备保护你的财产,并确保你的客人总是有一个愉快的经历, 即使出了问题.


If you’re only planning to rent a small portion of your home or just one bedroom, living with guests can be a bit of a challenge. Make sure your guests stay in an area where they have plenty of privacy. 选择离自己最远的卧室,这样双方都能睡个好觉. Let your guests know they are welcome to use the kitchen whenever they need to, 即使你在家. 关键是要确保每个人都感到舒适,同时在做一个好主人和享受你的私人空间之间保持良好的平衡. 在大多数情况下, 你的客人不会在那里呆很长时间,因为他们想要探索这个地区或参加商务会议. 要友好和热情,但也要设定界限,这样每个人都快乐和尊重.


Once you’re ready to list your rental property, 你需要运用一些营销策略来获得租赁确认. 一个好的营销计划将是全面的,并为潜在的客人提供他们需要的信息,从而做出明智的决定.

Post clear, crisp, high-quality pictures of your property on your listing. 包括你的家,后院,所有的卧室,浴室和客厅的完整照片. 考虑聘请一位专门从事房地产照片的专业摄影师,为您的租赁获得令人惊叹的照片.

了解你的领域, and include information about local tourist attractions, 神奇的餐馆, and information about access to public transportation.

If you’re able, consider offering your rental property as a child and 宠物友好型 的地方.

免费Wi-Fi等设施, 热早餐, and laundry services can make your rental quite appealing. If you offer any of these services, be sure to include them in your listing.

当你准备好了, 在网上为你的租赁做广告, 通过租赁app, or via a real estate agent or property manager. 你有越多的外联, the better the chances are that you’ll have several bookings ready and waiting.

Once you’ve had a few guests, ask them to 帖子 a review of their experience. 你可以用这些评论来吸引新客人,并表明你是一个很棒的主人.

Converting your home to a rental property comes with some challenges, but it’s also a great way to get more money out of your home. 一定要确保你遵守法律,并且你完全了解出租房屋的税收含义. Make your home a paradise by providing visitors with a clean, beautiful 的地方 to stay. 市场和宣传您的上市使用伟大的照片,并准备好看到现金滚滚.

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